Written on March 23, 2007 by KennyP

根据 Google Analytics 的统计,这个部落格的每日访客平均只有 19 位,这里指的每日访客不包括同样的人在同一天内超过 1 次的访问。


我对这个部落格的第一个目标就是每日访客平均 50 位,虽然数目还是很低,但在达到第一个目标后我会开始考虑在部落格上投放广告,试图开始我的网络赚钱旅程。

Popularity: 20% [?]


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  • 2 Responses to “ 建站满一个月的第一个目标”

    1. asiantom said:

      what is about?

    2. KennyP said:

      Hello AsianTom,

      I’m very happy and honoured to see your second comment here. The first times you come I did a blog post to celebrate it.

      I think you’re asking what about but not, is it? is a chinese forum which also created by me a few years ago, originally the forum is for my classmates or schoolmates.

      With regard to, it is a new blog created by myself to try to make some money online. I talk about computer hardware, software, internet and some other interesting stuff on this blog.

      I am still a college student now and I am planning to become a full time blogger to earn money for living.

      However, it’s like a ‘dream’ for me now, I know nothing about it now.

      Thanks for your visiting and leave me comment.


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