PayPal 官方通告 马来西亚等地的提款新功能

Written on October 5, 2007 by KennyP

之前在马来西亚部落格圈之间传开来的《 PayPal 允许马来西亚用户提款》消息都是用户们自己在 PayPal 户口的新发现, PayPal 没有任何官方发布。

今天早上 9 点多, PayPal 终于寄来这个提款新功能的通告,下面是我收到的邮件《 New PayPal Withdrawal Feature 》。

PayPal 官方通告 马来西亚等地的提款新功能

邮件还内附了有关这项功能的网页《 PayPal’s New Withdrawal Feature 》,上面解答了提款功能的相关疑问。

如果你想知道从 PayPal 提款用什么卡最好,请看《从 PayPal 提款应该用什么卡?》。

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  • 4 Responses to “PayPal 官方通告 马来西亚等地的提款新功能”

    1. liciece said:

      我也是今天才收到,刚想写,就看到你已经写了上来了,动作真快啊~~~ :)

    2. KennyP said:

      我早上的时候看到就想写了,哈哈。 :D

    3. Lorna said:

      Thanks for dropping by the site. I just wonder why Philippines and Indonesia can receive money now, but not Malaysia? Are there so many troublemakers and cheaters in our country?

    4. KennyP said:

      Do you mean they can withdraw the PayPal fund to their bank account?

      Thanks for leaving comment and your visiting too. :D

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